A new poll has revealed that the British public think that Dubstep is the worst thing ever, beating off stiff competition from war, famine, pestilence, plague, Hitler and One Direction.

Speaking from a sound proofed bunker under Downing Street, Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg told The Marmot “With the release of this report into what really irks the British populace it is clear that we need to rethink our foreign policy and aid strategies. It seems that sending food relief to Africa should be lower down our list of priorities as famine only made it into third place, and we have tacit support for any future wars since it is only second on the list.”

“Future strategies to alleviate the dubstep menace however include carpet bombing Croydon and making snare rolls illegal. Frankly I am surprised that dubstep came ahead of Hitler but have you ever heard a Skrillex tune? They sound like an incoming doodlebug.”

MC Reacharound, 9, told The Marmot ‘naaah man dubstep has been dead for years innit. It’s all about naughtystep now.”

However another poll for Smash Hits suggests that naughtystep isn’t that popular with the kids.