Actress and fitness enthusiast Jane Fonda is to feature on the next £10 according to the Bank of England, after a period of absence of women on banknotes.

Fonda is pictured in her notorious ‘orgasmatron’ scene from Barbarella on the note, in what is thought to be the most sexually provocative currency since the release of a one shilling note in 1873 featuring Queen Victoria suspended by a system of pulleys in a bus shelter.

The Bank of England caused uproar in April this year why it announced that social reformer Elizabeth Fry would be replaced on the £5 note by snooker’s Ronnie O’Sullivan from 2016. This development had meant that there would not be a woman other than the Queen on any UK banknote.

Chancellor George Osborne said ‘I hope this choice of icon illustrates our commitment both to women’s rights and the fitness of our economy even though opportunities for working Nine to Five are low.’

Fonda is thought to have beaten off stiff competition for inclusion on the note from Claire Balding, Jordan and Myra Hindley.