Rolf Harris has become the latest 80s celebrity to be charged with sex offences as a result of the Police’s investigation into Saville-era TV noncery “Operation Yewtree”.

Rolf Harris

Rolf Harris

It is widely thought that Harris is alleged to have been caught ‘sexting’ using the popular mobile game ‘Draw Something’ to send lewd images.

“I was playing Draw Something with Rolf, and it was going really well, although he was clearly better at it than me. I usually took a few attempts to figure out what he was drawing but the suddenly it would become clear,” said Maggie Philbin from Wolverhampton. “But then he started asking me if I could guess what is yet – at that point it looked like a Mr Man with polio – but it turned out to be a kangaroo with his face and a massive, pulsating bell end. Allegedly.”

Commentators have observed that Harris’s songs such as ‘Two Little Boys’ and ‘Jake The Peg’ (which was about a man with ‘an extra leg’) might have been indicative of something untoward given the subject matter.

Harris has appointed counsel to defend him during legal proceedings but is thought to want to draw himself rather than leaving it to the court artist.