After wowing technology observers with his plans for a near-supersonic ‘Hyperloop’ transport system linking Los Angeles and San Francisco, US entrepreneur Elon Musk has unveiled the British side of the project.

Artist's impression of Hyperloop

Artist’s impression of Hyperloop

Dubbed ‘HS3’, the project is set to link the twin economic leviathans Milton Keynes and Daventry with a low-friction tube based train service from 2016. The proposed system is thought to use magnets and fans to shoot capsules floating on a cushion of air at almost supersonic speeds.

The 25 mile journey from Milton Keynes to Daventry is expected to take around 2 minutes, but it will feel like three to four days on the Milton Keynes leg due to the vague sense of impending doom caused by the proximity of the UK’s biggest ‘new town’.

Transport Minister Patrick Mcloughlin said “We have seen many negative responses to the HS2 rail link between London, Manchester and Leeds from people who have felt excluded by the new route. We are hoping that we can address some of these concerns and usher in a new phase of development for the Midlands with the creation of HS3. The possibilities for trade are endless when you consider the previously unmanageable journey time from Milton Keynes to Daventry of 30 minutes by car.”

The Hyperloop project is expected to cost around £1bn to create against a yearly boost of £250 and a box of cheese and onion crisps to Daventry’s economy.

Local resident Marcus Tictac said “I am looking forward to getting my hands on those lovely crisps.”